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Posted by: wcool
Date posted: 08/11/2021 12:03
Title: Exciting progress!

Hi fellow Mousebits members!

We are pleased to announce that substantial progress has been made regarding the migration to XenForo as a more stable environment. Besides being stable, XenForo is also better manageable, which would be a welcome extra to the staff members. A basic XenForo license (with intention to add stuff later) has been purchased, along with a new VPS for hosting the beta. Research regarding tracker separation and continuity has been finished as well. A custom tracker environment with logon (which will be same as your XenForo account) is in progress.

In short, there is a plan and we hope to migrate everything to a new environment in the second or third quarter next year, depending on circumstances (COVID and such). It is a bit later than planned, but we haven't given up and we hope you haven't too.

Besides these changes there is also something else going on in the background. A torrent seedbox is being setup with a 1Gbit/s uplink, so not a single torrent would be slow anymore smile1.gif

Hang in there and stay safe in these difficult times,

Posted by: wcool
Date posted: 31/08/2021 12:38
Title: Networking issues

Networking issues have plagued our website. Some people would have been able to access it and others wouldn't (me included, so could only share the news through Discord). I can now access Mousebits again and the service provider estimates that all issues should be resolved within the hour.