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Posted by: wcool
Date posted: 11/05/2022 20:15
Title: More migration steps

Just a quick update on the migration, guys! I've been very busy with work lately, but I did make some more progress on the newly designed (more simple) tracker and forum and can say that some of it is finally live on It's still closed 'under maintenance', as it's API is heavily tested.

Will hopefully let you know more in the near future.
Posted by: wcool
Date posted: 08/11/2021 12:03
Title: Exciting progress!

Hi fellow Mousebits members!

We are pleased to announce that substantial progress has been made regarding the migration to XenForo as a more stable environment. Besides being stable, XenForo is also better manageable, which would be a welcome extra to the staff members. A basic XenForo license (with intention to add stuff later) has been purchased, along with a new VPS for hosting the beta. Research regarding tracker separation and continuity has been finished as well. A custom tracker environment with logon (which will be same as your XenForo account) is in progress.

In short, there is a plan and we hope to migrate everything to a new environment in the second or third quarter next year, depending on circumstances (COVID and such). It is a bit later than planned, but we haven't given up and we hope you haven't too.

Besides these changes there is also something else going on in the background. A torrent seedbox is being setup with a 1Gbit/s uplink, so not a single torrent would be slow anymore smile1.gif

Hang in there and stay safe in these difficult times,