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Posted by: wcool
Date posted: 31/12/2023 01:27
Title: Tracker is READ ONLY!

excl.gif excl.gif excl.gif IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ ENTIRE MESSAGE excl.gif excl.gif excl.gif

With the launch of the new forum (, this tracker has been made read only as accounts cannot be linked between the tracker and the forum anymore.

This means that everyone who signed up before the 28th December 2023 around 13:00 UTC timezone can still login and browse through the content on the tracker. No new content will be added until the new tracker is up and running later in 2024.

A word to potential new members who want to sign up: You can register for an account at the new forums, but you can’t get access to the tracker until it is replaced with another one later in 2024.

Thank you for your understanding.