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Posted by: wcool
Date posted: 31/12/2020 11:54
Title: 2021 will have a surprise for all of you

Hi everyone,

There will be some big changes coming for MouseBits in 2021! I have decided to migrate this forum to XenForo. All the other tracker bits will be worked out, so no worries! For all the details, have a look in the corresponding topic:

The MouseBits team wants to thank you for your eternal patience and we wish you a very happy and healthy 2021!
Posted by: wcool
Date posted: 07/02/2020 21:36
Title: HTTPS certificate

I am sorry to report that unfortunately the LetsEncrypt TLS/SSL certificate was expired. Due to this reason you will have seen a big fat warning when trying to access MouseBits.

Cause: The certificate should've been renewed automatically (which it did), but the service was not restarted. This resulted in the error, because the new certificate was not picked up.

Please be ássured that there was nothing serious going on. Only the HTTPS certificate was expired.

I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you.