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Am I allowed to upload Universal induction recordings??

Sure! Love 'em. As long as the content isn't publicly available for purchase.

tell us more

As far as i know even Music loops with commerciallly available material were posted here - from Disney and Universal. Since it´s induction the quality isn´t near as good cd sound (and mono) and the die-hard fans in this community regularly use the induction recordings as reference - to buy the original cds, LPs, iTunes-files…

Would LOVE to hear more Universal stuff, especially an induction from Escape from Gringotts or the Hagrids Coaster...

So... i´m definitely in the mood for some Universal audio :) What were you able to record, extroterrorestrial_alien_corner? When i ever get back to IOA i´ll try a induction at the "Reign of Kong" ride, the speakers on board of the cars seem to be quite in reach...


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