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So, basically, I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to encoding to xvid & divx. Let me know of a better way to do it, and I'll add it here.

This is a starter guide, advanced options are not explained here.

Install Huffyuv codec. Download the pre-built DLL zip file from the site, unzip, right click on huffyuv.inf and click install.

Install Virtual VCR.

* Frame Size 720 x 480
* Colour Format: YUY2
* Frame Rate: 29.970
* Use Compression: Huffyuv v2.1.1
* Resolution: 16
* Frequency: 48 kHz
* Channels: Stereo
AV Sync
* Resample Audio: Resample audio dynamically

Using the lossless codec, it takes about 1 gig per minute at this resolution.

From here you might want to cut out parts of the video, that may be covered later.

This next step is for Xvid encoding:
Install AutoGK
* Open the video file
* Custom size (Set it to 10 megs per minute. If it is in between, round up)
Advanced settings:
* Fixed width: 640
* VBR MP3, kbps: 128
Add job and start

more soon... if you have a quick guide for encoding to other formats then PM me and let me know

Is this for capturing from a camcorder or a live video feed?  If it\'s a live video feed, what capturing hardware are you assuming is available for use?

This is for recording from TV or VHS to the PC, it isn\'t really complete yet.

I think Virtual VCR only works with newer cards, I\'ll have to add that in later.

OH the video card is the input, GOT IT, lol :)

Find a driftent codek a GIG a minnuet is like uncompressed HD witch is stuped plus if you are working with 720 x 480 it is over kill i dont use xvid alot but your capture device Might not have a lower setting.


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