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HELP: I did not receive the activation e-mail!

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EDIT: E-mail issues should be resolved. Do keep posting here if you still haven't received anything after checking your SPAM/Junk folder. Thank you for your patience and support.

If you read this post, it likely means that you just registered and have not received an activation e-mail. What you could try first:

* Make sure you did not make a typo in your e-mail address.
* Wait a bit longer. Normally, it should be there within 5 minutes, but some providers could take as long as an hour.
* Check your SPAM mailbox. Also known as the Junk mailbox.
If you did the above things and you still cannot find the e-mail, then please leave a message in this topic. I, or another moderator/administrator, will activate you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and welcome aboard!

This is going way back, but I never activated my account it seems.  I tried clicking on the link from 2017 and it appeared to work, but I don't have member status.  Could someone please help me when they have a minute?


Hi Decima,

Should be fixed now!  :)

hello!! I also didn't get an activation email. I searched in my spam mailbox but nothing. Could you help me please?

I received an activation email but rank is still validating. Can you help?



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