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Could someone provide general information on how I should set my preferences for uTorrent?  When I came home from work tonight, I discovered that the torrent that I had uploaded was no longer seeding.  I had to force seed it to get it started again.  I looked through the preferences but wasn\'t sure what to do.  Any help is appreciated.

It is not uncommon practise to force seed torrents you uploaded. The torrents I upload, I always force seed until a number of others are seeding also. This has to do with allowing only a small number of concurrent uploads in the client. It usually takes a while before the torrent\'s priority gets high enough to compete with others.

I wouldn\'t loose any sleep over it if I were you :fun:

Azureus is naturally much more capable of handling itself.  If you want to seed many many torrents simultaneously and want to allow your client software to handle the intelligent decisions by itself, then Azureus is better for you.

I have bene using uTorrent myself lately, because I can run it while I\'m in lecture (such as right now!) since it uses much less CPU, thus allowing my battery to run longer.


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