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What software does everyone use to edit their videos?  I know that some use Windows Movie Maker, but I don\'t think it can encode in Xvid or Divx.  What programs do you use that will combine and edit sections of a video and encode in Divx and Xvid?

I was using a program called Honestech Easy Video Editor, but I deleted it because it kept turning out bad files.  I would try to encode a video in Xvid, and it would finish and say that the file was encoded successfully, but when I tried to view the file, it would cause an error in Windows Explorer, and Windows Explorer would restart.  I have no idea why this was happening.  I tried to make sure that I had the latest version of all codecs.  I want to use Xvid and Divx as opposed to .wmv because of the superior quality and filesize.  Also, Xvid and Divx have better sound quality.

Thanks in Advance for any help.

I use Sony Vegas 6 ... tried Premiere but that screwed up all pogressive encodings :-/

I use Vegas as well.  Sampled some of the others, but Vegas seems to be the best for how I work.

I normally output as uncompressed AVI or even DV and then convert from there.

what version of Vegas does everyone use? I looked at the site and some of the versions are a bit pricey. I started using  TMPG (
as my encoder and DVD authoring software (free 30 day trial) and works pretty darn good. I use windows movie maker to grab the video as a pure AVI.


I use the full blown Vegas, but I have other uses besides my \"dopey\" little Disney videos.

I honestly only need Vegas for about 5% of some of the things I do.  The other 95% of my work is simple cuts fades, etc.  I could probably do all that in Windows Movie Maker if you held a gun to my head.


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