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Well I got my old capture card running and can finally get some of my \"archives\" online.  I found some great old stuff from the early 90s like a 4th of July TV special with spots featuring a Mickey\'s Starland promo and the opening number to the Dick Tracy Diamond Double Cross stage show.  I\'ve also got a full resort TV loop from Spring 1993 I really want to put up provided I can fix the audio issues.

I was wondering if any editors out there had any suggestions for good video/audio compression settings.  The stuff my capture card spits out is way too big and I\'m running them through VirtualDub to apply compression.  The default settings are 320 x 240 with 16 bit video sample size and MS-YUV compression at 29 fps.  The audio is 1411kbps at 16 bit and PCM format.

Have you tried Divx or Xvid?  These codecs seem to put out great quality at a reasonable file size.  I haven\'t done much editing myself, so I don\'t really know much about the actual settings.

I\'m really looking forward to that 1993 Resort Tv Loop.  I\'m the one who requested old Resort Tv Loops a while back.


It would be great if you could provide hires versions.  I try to provide 720x480 so it can be converted to DVD.  Honestly, I wouldn\'t do much of anything with 320x200 resolution videos.

Divx or Xvid is fine, probably better than doing an MPEG-2 format.

That\'s my take on it though...

I\'d love to have these in high res to be able to put on DVD and preserve for the future.  Unfortunately, my capture card is really old and won\'t do anything larger than 352x288.  Eventually I\'ll buy something new and get some really nice captures, but for now it\'s all I\'ve got to work with.

No offense, but I don\'t think you need even bother making videos at that resolution.  Most people won\'t even bother watching them.  They\'re picky, heh. :)

You don\'t really need a fancy internal card to do video conversions.  There are many external USB devices, and USB offers more than plenty enough bandwidth for transferring high quality video.  Also, any device that will convert the video into DV format can be used with any Firewire (also known as 1394 or i.Link) plug and a program that will capture DV feeds.  Most digital camcorders can do this conversion, as well as many other devices.


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