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My ratio is duly noted as being not great.  I keep seeding but I guess what I have is just not that popular.   Is there a system for seed bonus similar to other sites where I get credit for seeding time even though no one is leeching?

Nope. Seeding is done to help fellow members out of the kindness of our hearts. There are no seeding requirements at all and no penalty for not seeding. As we are all Disney fans we just do what we can when we can. It's quite usual for some items not to be downloading by anyone. I've gone weeks with nobody wanting anything I'm seeding. If there are no seeds for something that's wanted, it comes up on the home page and then we just help out.

Ok, seed bonus is N/A if there are no ratio limits.  I do seed as much as possible - Maybe this site would be difficult to enforce a real ratio requirement since it's a small-knit community

I think they take the view that we are a community and we are sharing our own stuff between fans anyway (rather than downloading from a site where the files are held on-site).

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