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I just discovered that mousebits was open for applications over on Reddit, so I came across to sign up. However it turns out that I actually signed up back in 2009 - this is completely news to me, but I hazarded a guess at what my login would have been and actually got it right  ;D

Anyhoo, turns out back in 2009 I downloaded about 5gb of data, but didn't do much seeding, so my ratio is almost off the charts bad. I need to get this fixed, and was after suggestions of the best (quickest) way to do this. I'm actually surprised my account hasn't been closed/banned in all this time.

Oh, yeah, no one actually cares about that.  You shouldn't compared MouseBits to traditional private trackers that are absurdly strict on such things.

Thanks, I'm actually a pretty prolific seeder, so it should get better at least...


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