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I tried looking through forums for this info but couldn\'t find it.
My almost nonexistent understanding of induction has me thinking it involves using a mono recording right from a speaker source in park.  How exactly does this work? (without geeking out too much - I\'m not an engineer as you can probably tell from this question).  Does it record from the output of the speaker, or some other way?


In laymans terms, an induction recording uses a pickup device that measres the magnetic field around a speaker magnet, NOT the actual sound coming from it.

Radioshack sells them for about $8 or so I think.  They are normally a MONO recording as the speakers they are recorded from are not usually stereo.

There is often a lot of \"noise\" associated with an induction recording that needs to be removed in post processing.

One of my best induction recordings is my 2006 Epcot Entrance Loop, and the Expedition Everest Area Music Loop.  Both were done with a telephone pickup (induction mic) and a camcorder.

There is only one stereo induction recording that I know of, and that\'s my Song of the Rainforest which was recorded as two seperate streams and then assembled.

I think some recorders (e.g. Edirol) record a mono track in stereo.

Thanks.  Just what I was looking for.  :D


--- Quote ---I think some recorders (e.g. Edirol) record a mono track in stereo.
--- End quote ---

hmm  how ? -_- .. can only be some pseudo dsp if so


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