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Explain induction recording

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I would guess that it just \"copies\" the left channel to the right.

I\'m not familiar with the Edirol device, but it does record some good stuff!

If you\'re looking for a device, I would suggest either the Edirol or a minidisc recorder.  I\'m using a Sony RH1 currently

I may be looking, so thanks for the advice.  I live near WDW and I\'d like to make some recordings - both for myself and to share with others - and I\'m looking for a decent way to do it without spending a fortune.  :)


--- Quote from: Peeplmoovr ---I\'m looking for a decent way to do it without spending a fortune.  :)
--- End quote ---

That\'s the tough part...  There are a number of cheaper minidisc devices, you can probably get them off eBay in the $150 range.  I would suggest NOT using a camcorder to record, they often have limited audio options, and the worst is AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and also usually no method for line in.  I record just about everything via line in using a battery box to power the microphones.  This allows for a wider range of volume.  The same mics I use going through the mic in port will quickly overpower the mic resulting is a bunch of static in the recording.

Again, I keep threatening to put up a tutorial, one of these days I will.  Just need a little time ot sit down and work it out (as well as take some pictures) of my setup.

for my binaurals I use an iriver ifp899 (1 gig) drive .. but it\'s not longer sold ... it\'s perfect / phantom voltage / manual input volume control/ exchangable battiery (1 AA holds up to 40h\'s straight)

I hope it never breaks :-O

Quick question, if I use an mp3 player to do a line-in induction recording that encodes in .wav format, will it have good quality sound?


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