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I use the vegas 6 version without the dvd author

Is there a way to encode in .avi in Windows Movie Maker?  I don\'t mind Movie Maker, but I hate the quality of .wmv.  I wouldn\'t mind making the videos in Movie Maker and then encoding them with Divx or Xvid later if that\'s possible?

You can export DV video, I believe.  I think the Windows DV encoder is pretty bad, though.  MainConcept has a much better one for like $50, but I\'m not sure you can use it with Windows Movie Maker.

Then, if you export it to DV video, you can use any of many free encoding programs, such as StaxRip, or VirtualDub.

Okay, I\'m using Virtualdub, but how do I encode the audio to make the filesize smaller?  I\'m fairly happy with the video, but the audio is way too big.  I\'ve tried Staxrip, but it won\'t open the raw DV AVI files that Windows Movie Maker creates.  Is there any other way to encode the audio?  Staxrip looks like a nice program, but it keeps wanting to resize my videos, and it won\'t maintain the original size for some reason.

Anybody have any ideas?

demux the audio in virtual dub
then use a compressor programm (use a cbr, vbr may cause trouble)

then mus the compressed audio back with virtualdub :)


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