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Step 1: Downloading a Torrent (FAQ)

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1. A torrent file does not contain audio or video. It only knows where the data is.

2. Download and install a torrent program.
*The article linked discusses Windows applications, but the 3 main applications can be used on other systems as well. I prefer qBittorrent as it's improved quite a bit since this article was posted.

3. Download a torrent from this site, and then open the torrent file within the program.

4. Your audio or video file will begin to download.

5. When your download is complete, it begins to "seed" or another words, it will upload to other users of this site. It's nice to let it seed for a while so everyone else can get the file, but you don't have to keep it seeding forever.

Any other popular clients or thoughts? Reply to this thread and it may possibly updated some year in the future.

I`ll second TheBeets advice, and post a reply I recently sent to a newbie from WDWMagic;

Bet you thought that file downloaded quickly huh? Now it won`t play in Windows Media Player? Well, you need to install a `client` program. The file you downloaded is just a torrent data file - a very small file that tells a `client` program where to find the actual video. This  could be on 1 persons PC, or 10 people could have it. Obviously the more  people making it available, or seeding it, the quicker the download will be.
The client program will grab bits automatically from every PC it can until
you have the complete WMV, MPEG or whatever. Once you have the complete
video, you become a seeder yourself (so long as you keep the client program
running) and others can grab bits from you - when you are downloading the
file you are called a `leecher`. That`s the nature of torrents - friendly
file sharing. However, Mousebits only shares files we know are safe - it`s
not a public access hub - and we limit and vet anyone allowed to upload.

So you need a client. I use ABC. Others use Azerus or utorrent. I got ABC from

Once installed, you need to right click on the torrent file you downloaded
and click properties. Then `opens with` an click change. Find ABC (or whatever you installed) on the list and select. Make sure the box is ticked to always open these files with this program. Click apply/ok.

Now when you click on the torrent ABC should open, and ask where you want to
save the video. Then it`ll begin leeching! And you can get my 100+ videos
and tonnes of other stuff too!

Try that.


i have installed uTorrent

when i paste the URL link into "add torrent from url" it always "unable to load....invalid torrent file"

what should i do ?

thanks :)

You have to download the torrent file itself to your hard drive and then open that in utorrent.

Your status is still validating. You should have had a validation email which holds a link you need to click. Check your mail, even the spam folder since it sometimes arrives in there.



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