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Has anybody happened to record the messages read on the shuttle buses to and from the parks en route to an on-propery resort or vice-versa?

My wife and I get chills any time we catch a glimpse of "Welcome... to the Magic Kingdom. Return service to your hotel... Watch your head and step as you disembark... Thanks for riding with us and have a wonderful time with us here... at the Magic Kindgom?"

I'm right there with you. I love that bus audio so much!

I was warned I'm late  (obviously) on this topic, but this is the reason I'm registering for this site. When I'm finally given access to download, do these bus backgrounds (and maybe boats too) exist here???      Jacques

check out my channel "listen to theme parks" on youtube - it has one Bus announcement

Thank you ebbelein!! ;D ;D ;D ;D This made my day just listening to it! I think I can speak for others in saying that the bus narration is literally ICONIC to WDW. No trip feels complete without hearing it. To me, its up there with the monorail narration. Do you have anymore of those tracks?


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