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won't download in utorrent

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I downloaded utorrent and got the torrent files in my hard drive.  I then opened them in utorrent to actually download the files, however even though it says they are fully avaliable and that they are trying to download, the percentage download had not changed at all from 0% nor does the line at the bottom change to have any % in it.  This is the same with a lot of different torrents that I have tried. 


Which torrent are you trying to use? Have you tried to use another one?

Does it show any seeds or peers?
Check the "tracker" tab and the "peers" tab at the bottom of the screen. You just may be trying to download something that has no seeders at the moment (see if it appears in the "seeders wanted" box on the home page here).
As it seems to be the same for all the torrents you are trying, it's possibly how you have set up uTorrent but do check that there are seeds and also that the torrent is still here and hasn't been removed.
If you downloaded the torrent files a while ago, try re-downloading them and trying again - just in case something went wrong with them.
Do let us know which files you have tried - it could help.
Don't worry, we'll get you up and running. It will probably be something very simple that needs doing.
We've all been there  :-[

 ??? ??? ??? ???

I am so confused! I used to be able to download things but took a major time away. Now I have a HUGE hard drive and can again download.  I have uTorrent and NOTHING is happening.

Looks like no seeders as mentioned above, that stinks.

OK, let's look at a few things. Have you cleared Utorrent on your firewall (ie allowing it to download)?

If there are no seeders, the torrent will appear on the index page here and people will start to seed for you. Remember that not everyone is on the site every day so it may take a few before they see the requests - and not everyone has every torrent, of course. As said, the files are on member's computers, not held on the site.

Please answer these three questions - it'll point us in the right direction as to what the problem may be.
Are you able to download some of the newer torrents which obviously DO have seeds? (Again, scroll down on the index page to the latest download section and choose one wit lots of seeds).
There's nothing wrong with the site at all (I use uTorrent and it's fine).
Can you download from other torrent sites at all?
Which files are you trying to download?


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