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We need to control what is posted on this site, we are not interested in low quality footage, low quality audio, or commercially available material that is easily available elsewhere. We cannot have sitcom TV shows posted here, even if it features a Disney theme park.

You will get upload permission if you plan on uploading high quality footage or high quality rips of out of print theme park related albums, high quality source audio or possibly high quality live recordings.

If you have permission to upload something, then here is a real quick tutorial for uploading:

Click "Create New Torrent" or hit Ctrl-N.

Either click "Add file" (for a single file) or "Add directory" (for a directory of files).

Use for the tracker.

Click Private torrent and hit ok. Upload the file using the Upload command here on the site. Re-download the file from the new link and make sure to seed the file for as long as you can.

Can I get upload permission please, I have High Quality video's to upload, for example

Can I have permission to start uploading the MK Jungle Cruise Albert Awol Loop?

I suggest that you somehow get the file to one of our audio uploaders, if there is one willing to help. He will be able to judge the quality and post with full credits to you.

After a while we can maybe discuss adding you as an uploader.


It's already uploaded.
It's  128k and (to me) is a good recording of it (remembering that there are certain special effects to make it sound like an old radio broadcast so the tinny sound and the crackles are intentional).
It appears to be complete but, as it's the only version I have heard or come across, I have nothing to compare it with and Disneymusicloops is still down. It's 47.31 long . I don't know if it's induction or source though as drkfla didn't indicate which.
Credit has been given in the comments and it's been downloaded 34 times so far and no adverse remarks.


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