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Explain induction recording

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I've had great success removing the suction cup from one of my pickups and gluing a rare earth magnet to it. No interference either.


--- Quote from: disneydon on February 12, 2021, 05:08:48 AM ---Back in the early 70's I used to make induction recordings using a suction cup microphone recording device for old telephones I got from Radio Shack and a cassette recorder. We had no special name for it. But it was magic!

--- End quote ---
How Bowers says it was Mike Lee who thought of using a Radio Shack telephone pickup to record a speaker's magnetic field.  Is that correct?

Not sure but I was doing it back in 1974. I believe that's when my earliest tape was recorded. I believe I recorded Peoplemover, Haunted Mansion and Adventure Thru Inner Space in that first tape. Awwww the memories.

I saw someone was using an Edirol/Roland R-09 and had good results and there was an inexpensive one on eBay, so that’s where I’m starting. Now to find a suction cup . . .

Is there a list anywhere of easily accessible speaker locations? Feel like that could be helpful instead of everyone having to hunt for a signal on their own each time as they visit the parks.


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