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Title: Step 2: Media Players (How to Play Downloaded Media)
Post by: TheBeets on June 07, 2006, 08:13:17 PM
Here are some free media players.

Video Players:
VLC for Windows ( | (32-bit backup link) ( backup link) (
VLC for Mac (
VLC for Many Other Systems (
Media Player Classic - Home Cinema for Windows ( | (32-bit backup link) ( (64-bit backup link) (

These players play a wide range of video formats, including HD content, QuickTime, and even ancient Real Media formats. They also play most audio formats as well. For Windows, if you aren't sure which version to get, download the 32-bit version. Generally, 32-bit is for older computers, but also works on newer ones.

Windows Audio Player: foobar2000 ( (backup link) (
You be the judge article: The Best Music Player Application for Windows (

Mac Audio Player: Decibel (
You be the judge article: Best free music players for Mac OS X (

Decibel appears to be a highly rated alternative to iTunes music player for Mac that includes FLAC support.

Old and Possibly Outdated Information
Mac Codecs: Perian (
*This is used to get foreign video formats to play within native Mac video players.

Ripping Tools
This section is for those who are interested in dealing and encoding audio. It's for advanced users, basic information, and may get it's own post at some point.

Secure CD ripper for Windows:
Exact Audio Copy (EAC) (

Audio codecs:
LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder (LAME) (
Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) (