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I recently upgraded to Azureus and now I can\'t figure out how to seed a .torrent for a file that I have downloaded previously.  I\'m trying to help with the seeding of \"WDW Soarin By Martin\" but if I save the .torrent and point it towards the file I already have, it starts downloading the file again.  In previous versions of Azureus I clicked File -> Open -> Torrent File (For Seeding) and opened the .torrent file and matched it to the downloaded file.  In this new version, I click File -> Open -> Torrent File... and a new window opens. Then I choose \"Add Files\" and choose the Soarin.torrent.  I select Seeding (1 of 1) in the \"Add Mode\" dropdown menu and for \"Location to save data\" I pick the directory where the current file exists.  When I click OK, the file starts to download instead of seeding.  The file on my computer is the same size as the .torrent information listed (244MB), so what am I doing wrong?

I had the same problem on another torrent I was trying to help with.  I don\'t know what the issue is.  Anyone?

Make sure both of the filenames are the same. i.e - the file that will be downloaded and the file you have. The need to be the same.


Aw what, they have to match now? :(

I\'ve found an easier way to do it.  Once you select the .torrent (Add Files), just right-click on it and select \"Change Destination\" from the drop-down menu.  That way you can point the .torrent to the actual file and it should start seeding. (Well, it did for me anyway ;) )


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