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I don't know why so many people are having problems with this format.

FFDShow (only install the codecs you know you need)

Quicktime Alternative

Install those and try it in your video player. If you insist on using Quicktime, update it to the latest version.

Most of all keep your computer clean, keep track of codecs you install and  uninstall old ones.

Do not complain to the uploader that you cannot play a file. Do not ask the uploader for a file to be re-encoded. Do not ask the uploader for something that is sold or has been sold recently. There is plenty of information on one of these pages to fix the problem.

Also see:

I have the latest version of Quicktime, and I have no problem playing them on iTunes, but they won't copy to my iPod video for some reason. Any help?

The iPod will only play h.264 when it's in basic profile and is less than 1500 kbps(audio included) for 640width videos and 768kbps for 320width videos.

All the h.264 videos posted on here surpass the iPod specifications on both bitrate and resolution, and many are using a more complex codec profile, thus would need to be transcoded into iPod compatible format.

Is there a good freeware program available that will transcode it? Jodix won't do it.

Not being an i-pod owner or user, I can't give a definite answer but have you tried Super?
It's free and does work with a lot of formats. It's a large download (and rather slow) but I use it a lot even though I do have some cheap converters I have paid for. Ultra mp4 converter is quite stable (free lifetime upgrades as well) and is the one I use for converting flv files (as found on Youtube)  to avi for burning to disc (even though it's really made for converting stuff to mp4).
Whatever you use, make sure you keep it up to date.
As I say, I don't have an i-pod so this is best guess. :-\


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