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worth it to record with an iPhone? protection options?

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Hey everyone,

We are going on our first family trip in 35 days.  This will be our first trip as a family with our two daughters, 3 and 1. We haven't been to WDW since Jan. 2011, so there's alot that has changed since then.  I'm not sure how much time I will have to actually record audio/video.

With all of that being said, if possible I would like to get some recordings if possible, but the only thing that I have to use is my iPhone. I'm not sure how well the audio will turn out and  I know that it might not be the best device, but its what I have. I may be taking some video or audio while on a ride, so I'm looking to secure my iPhone as much as possible.

I am wondering though, does anyone know of anything that I can get to have a more secure hold on my iPhone while I am on a ride?  Something like a camera strap or similar?

I guess it kind of depends on your definition of "A lot", stuff has closed, the fantasyland update, ride update, a different parade and possibly a show, but overall it should be roughly the same content as your last visit. So I wouldn't worry as much about overall recording rather than just going to have fun.

depends on what iPhone you have as to whether it has a space for a wrist strap or not.  How about this option :

On my most recent trip I noticed a lot of people using these for family/group photos. I would think you could also use it retracted on some rides to give you a firm, two-handed grip.

You might want to get an external microphone to get better sound quality.  As SirLamer, the Owner of MouseBits, pointed out in 2009:

--- Quote from: SirLamer on September 07, 2009, 09:41:21 AM ---the iPhone mic is design to suck the life out of sound so that the loudest thing it picks up overwhelms the recording.  This is ideal for a telephone as it is trying to pick up the user's voice and suppress background noise.

Of course, using it is fine for your own purposes, but a ride-through recording should really use a stereo mic at the very least.  Some people even make a headphones-like microphone designed for "binaural" recordings, which sort of sound sharper and more natural.

--- End quote ---
Some iPhone mics to choose from if you're interested:
None of them are inexpensive because Sweetwater does not carry low-quality merchandise, but as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". 8)


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